YouTube introduced new live stream features for the users

YouTube has introduced many important features and options in the live stream. They also include the ability to add guests to the video stream in the name of the most important live guest. On the other hand, anyone can be invited by sending a streaming link. On the other hand, some aspects of stream viewing have also been improved to enhance the notification. It's collectively called Go Live Together, which users will soon be able to see. According to YouTube, if it is expressed in the app, the facilities to watch it in the live stream will also be updated. 


According to YouTube, even before the stream is broadcast live, you will be able to share the screen with your friends and invite them. On the other hand, the host will be able to see all the data in a slightly newer and better way. But this data will not be visible to guests. According to YouTube, it is generally observed that if the stream is controlled by one person, it is under a lot of pressure. That's why this task can now be made easier by adding another guest to the stream. 

Another benefit of this is that two YouTube channels can stream at the same time and earn extra money. Earlier, YouTube also offered a red circle option in the live stream. Then YouTube made another announcement. Under which the facility of live direction was to be offered from one channel to another. Previously, this option was almost impossible. In this way, firstly, the YouTube app will benefit and secondly, many YouTubers will be able to bring their followers on one stream at a time. The third change is to offer full screen in live streaming. In addition, the Q&A feature is being improved.

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